We are specialists in forest mapping using state-of-the-art remote sensing methodologies and data processing


What makes Carbomap the smart choice for mapping your forests. What are our specialities?

LiDAR Forest Mapping

We use our in-house suite of tools for processing LiDAR data to extract the key data about your forest. Find out about the advanced metrics for forest mapping that we offer by getting in touch.

Lidar waveform data processing

No other company has the ability to process full-waveform LiDAR data in combination with a range of other remote sensing data sources for forest mapping. Get in touch to discuss with us how we can process your data.

Multi-spectral LiDAR

We are leading the long-term development of our patented Multi Spectral Canopy LiDAR (MSCL). Contact us to find out more about how our work is showing that this technology will transform the way forests are mapped.

End-to-End Project Management

We take a multi-scale approach, utilising satellite, airborne, and UAV platforms to collect data in a way which best suits the project needs. To talk to us about managing your forest mapping project then simply contact us through our online form.

About us

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Carbomap apply state-of-the-art science to measuring and mapping your forests.

Carbomap originally spun out of the University of Edinburgh in 2013, taking forward over five years of world-class research in the development of new forest mapping technologies and approaches.

We have an international reputation in remote sensing technologies, satellite radar mapping, forest structure mapping, carbon sequestration and airborne survey.

We have taken academic research and are successfully applying it within a commercial context. We are leading this emerging market, having worked with government agencies, NGO's and research institutes. If you want to join our growing client base, and have your forests mapped, then get in touch below.

  • Advanced LiDAR Forest Mapping
  • Full Waveform LiDAR Processing
  • Multi-Spectral LiDAR
  • End-to-End Project Management
  • Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Approach


Who are the people that you will be working with at Carbomap?
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Prof. Iain Woodhouse

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
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Dr. Antoine Cottin

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
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Sam Fleming

Head of Client Services
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Dr. Genevieve Patenaude

Non Executive Director
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Dr. Ed Mitchard

Non Executive Director
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Paddy Scott

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Dr. Caroline Nichol

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Alan Douglas

Sales Adviser
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Leon Walker


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