Amazing visualisation of UAV-LiDAR point cloud in Ireland

If you’ve ever had any doubt about the quality of UAV Lidar for forest applications, then prepared to be amazed.

Below is a snapshot and a link to a web based visualisation which shows a small area that we mapped (here is the full dataset visualised) of some new data collected over Ireland last month using the YellowScan, purpose-built, UAV-LiDAR system.  We think it looks fantastic, and Markus Schütz’s Potree viewer is just perfect for exploring the data  in 3D.  (Thanks Markus, especially for making it Open Source).


This project was supported by Daniel McInerney at Coillte (the Irish Forest Service) who had the foresight to trial a UAV-Lidar for forest management applications.  Carbomap led the project in partnership with l’Avion Jaune and Coillte, and it leads the way towards operational UAV-LiDAR mapping for forest management.  Tristan and Mikäel from l’Avion Jaune deserve a special mention for their perseverance and stamina in the field!  

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