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Sustainable stewardship of the world’s forests is Carbomap’s core mission, so it’s vital that we practice what we preach. That is why we decided to base ourselves out of the ECCI, one of the most sustainable (converted) buildings in the UK, and why every year we calculate our environmental footprint and offset our carbon.

We are now launching our new Ethics Policy and asking you for help to make it even better. Please comment below or email us to give us your feedback.

As well as company behaviours, principles and procedures, our policy also has a vetting protocol for new clients. This ensures that for every piece of work we do for our customers, we can be confident we have done a thorough job of ensuring that we are not benefiting while the environment, or other people, are suffering.

The points below summarise the key topics covered by our policy. You can download the full document from the downloads section of our website.

The overall goal of our policy is to ensure a positive impact on people and the environment globally. We believe in equality for all people and transparency is a key theme to how we operate, therefore we aim to be as open and up-front as we can be. We work with, and raise money for, charities and not-for-profit organisations who align with our ethics and values, as well as the goal of donating 15% of all profits to charity.

Carbomap ensures that our ethics and values are regularly discussed between all staff members, helping to ensure that everyone is onboard with who we want to be as an organisation. We  provide fair pay and reward for all employees; we pay every employee at least the Living Wage and the highest salary is limited so it will never be greater than ten times the amount of the lowest salary. We support healthy, family-friendly work times, because we understand that having the right work-life balance is important for having a motivated team who enjoy their job.

Carbomap expect all of our staff and partners to declare any conflict of interest. We will not knowingly engage with any organisation or individual who have an ongoing record of corruption or bribery. If we become aware at any point in our relationship that an organisation or individual we work with is engaged with corruption or bribery, we would terminate our relationship as soon as possible.

Perhaps most importantly, and pertinent to the work that we do, at Carbomap we are focused around the protection, and promotion, of the environment. Our aim is to have appropriate processes in place for minimising our environment impact. Carbomap aims to be a ‘carbon neutral’ company by tracking our annual carbon emissions and offset our activities by supporting forestry carbon credit projects globally, see our recent news on this! In addition, Carbomap do not support and will not contribute to any activities that supports or furthers the unsustainable use of natural resources. We work with organisations that want to reduce and improve their unsustainable use of natural resources.

Carbomap uphold and promote basic human rights for everyone by engaging with stake holder specifically directed at improving lives of marginalised people. We will not impede access to basic human necessities, nor work with an organisation that does so. Carbomap never advocates discrimination of any kind nor hatred to any person. Carbomap help all around the world in developing countries by helping to reduce, poverty, and also by trying to provide a positive outlook for poor or marginalised people.

A good example of how we put all of this into action is by purchasing our carbon offsets from ‘Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty‘. You can read more about what Cotap do and our carbon offsetting programme here.

Please read the full document by downloading it from our website we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on what we’re trying to do as an organisation.

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