Carbomap are specialists in forest mapping, who operate globally. We focus on surveying your forests if you are in need of accurate, specialised maps. Our solutions consider all scales of data and apply those that are fit for your purposes.

Depending on what your requirements are, we will use the most appropriate combination of data sources to get the best result for you in a way that provides you with the most value for money.

  • Satellite data will give you synoptic views over large areas, and offer low-cost solutions
  • Airborne data enables you to cover large areas but get much greater detail
  • UAV’s offer small-scale, targeted surveying and can provide a rapid-response solution

This multi-scale approach helps us to reach our aim of giving you a cost reduction of at least 50% over traditional ground survey and to provide you with forest information that is difficult or impossible to obtain. Carbomap’s multi-scale solution is unique. No other company specialises in the combination of methodologies and has the ability to process fullwaveform LiDAR.

Get in touch if it sounds like you have a forest mapping exercise that we can help with.


Technology Development


We are pioneers in the use of UAV-LiDAR for forest mapping, producing the very first Canopy Height Model in the Amazon from a UAV-LiDAR system, as well as our involvement in some of the very first operational UAV-LiDAR projects in Ireland. We are now pursuing further developments with this technology and the use of fixed-wing UAV platforms as well as other aircraft such as Microlights.

In addition to pioneering the use of existing technology, we are also leading with the long-term development of our patented Multi Spectral Canopy LiDAR (MSCL) that operates at four wavelengths, as opposed to the existing commercially available single wavelength LiDAR systems. This instrument is optimised to measure forest properties by combining the proven strengths of hyper spectral sensing with the 3D structural information from LiDAR.

The application of such technology will be game changing for forest mapping, allowing us to assess forest health in 3D – all the way through the canopy – which is vitally important for fire risk mapping, species identification (including monitoring of invasive species), and for better quantification of carbon fluxes within the canopy, rather than just the surface of the canopy.

If you are interested in how the use of UAV-LiDAR or Multi-Spectral LiDAR can provide you with solutions to your forest mapping issues then get in touch below.


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